Astrology Readings

All readings are available by phone or in-person for those visiting or local to Sedona, Arizona. Additionally, all readings are recorded so that they may be consulted again in the future.


Birth Chart Reading

The Birth Chart is the blueprint for your life and reveals your talents, passions, career paths, spiritual direction, compatible partners, and so much more. In this reading Corrie’s goal is to remind you of who you are in your very fullest capacity and to give you guidance that will point you in the best direction for your own wellness and evolution. Corrie can also use the birth chart to address the practical decisions life may ask of you.

Birthday Reading

Your birthday is the beginning of a new year. It is a very useful time to have a reading. In this reading Corrie includes the Birth Chart reading and Current Times.  In addition, she creates your Solar Return chart to give you valuable additional information. A Solar Return chart freeze-frames the sky at the exact moment the Sun returns to where it was when you were born. Corrie interprets this chart for you and provides helpful, specific, guidance about the energies and focus for the coming year. It is ideal to have your Solar Return reading sometime during the two weeks before or after your birthday.

If your interest is in using the Solar Return chart to maximize your year to come, this reading can help you decide the best place to spend your birthday, since the position of the planets, Sun, and Moon change, depending on location. When using the Solar Return chart for this purpose, it is better to book this kind of reading at least four weeks before your birthday.  (There is an additional fee for Corrie to find the best place to spend your birthday.)

Current Times Consultation
also known as a Transit Reading

If you are already familiar with your chart, this is probably the reading you will want. Corrie will track the movement of the planets over your personal birth chart and will use that information to inform you of the influences, challenges, and areas of grace that will probably affect your life this year.

This reading offers wonderful guidance for areas of confusion and difficulty and has the added bonus of revealing the timelines for when specific influences will begin and end. On a practical level, this reading is invaluable for timing important events in your life, such as relocation and career changes. It also tells you what area of your life will most benefit from your attention now, helping you focus your energy where it will be most productive and successful. The Birth Chart reading may be combined with the Current Times reading for a significant discount over the cost of having the two readings done at separate times.

Relationship Reading

Relationship Readings are a long-standing specialty of Corrie’s. In fact, some of her insights about compatibility were published in The Mountain Astrologer Magazine. Committed relationships have many rewards, and hopefully less frequently some struggles, and are considered to be one of the surest paths to growth and transformation.

In a Relationship Reading Corrie will look at the nature of the energy holding you two together. With a caring eye she will also look at the level of compatibility that you share. She will address the strengths of your relationship and most importantly, she will explain your differences in a way that encourages you to appreciate, honor, and work with those differences. Corrie will not hold back telling you if the conflict in your charts seems too great to withstand the test of time, but more likely, she will have exciting, good news to share.

Location Readings

Moving to another town, state or even country, takes enormous energy, resources and can absorb two to three months or more of your time; what with finding a home, packing, unpacking, getting new licenses, etc. Corrie’s skills with Astro*Carto*Graphy and location astrology can greatly improve the odds that you will enjoy and prosper in your new location.

In this branch of astrology, maps are created based on your birth time, place, and day. Corrie creates and analyzes these maps and can guide you towards places that are best suited for your goals. Equally important, will be the knowledge you gain about sections of the country and world to avoid. As such, these maps will become a lifetime location tool for you. Along with the maps you will receive a four page guide on how to use them.

Corrie is also skilled at Astro*Carto*Graphy for couples. Location astrology for couples is especially complex because the astrologer has to find a location that is good for both partners and possibly children, as well. Corrie has a unique and very successful approach for couples seeking relocation which she spells out in her article posted on the Astro*Carto*Graphy website called Continuum. Corrie invites your inquiry to learn how she can assist you and your family in finding a great place to live.

Newborn Readings

This is one of Corrie’s favorite readings to do since there is such excitement when a new being enters the family. In this reading Corrie’s goal is to introduce you to your new baby’s unique personality. You will learn about your child’s special talents including information about the kind of home environment and experiences that will best foster these special talents.

While all babies thrive with your love and tender care, each baby has its own individual emotional responses to life and Corrie will discuss how to tailor your parenting style to support your baby’s specific emotional needs.

Corrie will also talk about the kind of preschool that will best suite your little one’s learning and socializing style. If early child care is planned, Corrie can also give guidance about the best type of infant care for your baby’s specific needs. This reading makes a great gift to new parents.

Choosing Important Dates

Some dates are better than others and astrology excels at finding the perfect date to support a significant event in your life. Corrie uses ancient tried and true astrological techniques to find the very best time to schedule your most important events.

Wedding Dates: We all want this day to be perfect. Corrie will examine both Birth Charts of the couple to be married and choose a day, within the parameters given to her, that will support a loving and lasting marriage (as well as a good party).

Birthing Dates: With induced and C-section birthing options becoming more widely sought after, if you are going that route, why not give your soon to be newborn the very best Birthday possible. Once you know the range of days offered to you by your doctor, Corrie will choose the day carefully to bring out the best that astrology has to offer in selecting this most important day.

Surgery Dates: Using astrology to choose a good timing for surgery can help you feel more confident about your surgery and its outcome. Corrie’s background as a nurse gives her a keen ability to determine the best surgery date for you, within the parameters given by your doctor.