Astrology Readings

Corrie offers the Birth Chart reading along with the Current Times Consultation for $245.   75 minutes.

The Birthday reading includes a Birth ChartCurrent Times, and  Solar Return reading for $245.  75 minutes. As an additional service, Corrie can suggest the best location to spend your birthday to maximize the year to come. This add-on is $75.

The Location reading is $255 for location advice in the United States, 75 minutes, and $295 for the entire world. 90 minutes.(Couples who desire a Location reading receive a generous discount for the additional person.) 

 Relationship readings require the most advanced preparation.  They are $325.  90 Minutes.

The Newborn Reading is $225.  50 minutes.

Choosing Important Dates

Setting a Wedding Date is $350.

Choosing a Birthing Date is $225.

Choosing a Surgery Date is $225.


All Shamanic Healing sessions are $235.  75 minutes.

The Past Life Healing session is  $255.  90 minutes.

 A Day of Insight

The Day of Insight is $435.  Includes a Shamanic Healing session and an Astrology Reading.


Payments through Zelle, Venmo, and PayPal are preferred using

Visa and MasterCard payments are also possible.