Day of Insight

Corrie has designed A Day of Insight to offer a more intense self-discovery
and healing experience for visitors to Sedona.


This personal retreat day consists of an Astrology Reading in the mid-morning and a Shamanic Healing Session in the mid-afternoon. The two-three hours between the two sessions allows time for you to go out for a nourishing lunch or perhaps take an inspiring walk on one of our Red Rock trails. This break before your next session gives you the opportunity to process the information received during your astrology reading. Your afternoon Shamanic session builds upon the possibilities and issues revealed during the Astrology reading.

These back to back sessions function synergistically. Your concerns, hopes, and dreams come forward during your Astrology Reading in the morning, which allows us to move quickly and deeply into the Shamanic Healing Session in the afternoon. The Shamanic session releases connections or energies that are not useful to you. It can include re-uniting with a soul part which gives you access to a more hidden, yet very positive, part of yourself. Or we may do the potent focused healing on a negative imprint passed down from generations.  In some cases, people carry with them the energy of a deceased loved one. If so, in a loving way, that person is freed and led into the light. The possibilities are many!

The only pre-requisite for A Day of Insight is that you bring an openness for moving forward.