About Corrie

Corrie’s Training as an Astrologer and Shamanic Healer

photoCorrie has been active in astrology since 1991-conducting readings, lectures and classes throughout the country. She was certified in Astro*Carto*Graphy in 1997 and continues to deepen her knowledge of astrology through self-study and her clients input. She is a nationally known astrologer and has been published in The Mountain Astrologer magazine numerous times.

Corrie is also a graduate of Alberto Villoldo’s Healing the Light Body Program and has been a shamanic practitioner since 2003. She has taken extensive advanced trainings with Alberto and The Four Winds staff and has been an assistant teacher with The Four Winds. In addition, Corrie is a R.N. and her knowledge of health and wellness enhances her work.

Corrie’s Unique Gifts

Clients say Corrie brings a rare blend of clarity, focus, groundedness and specificity to her astrology readings and healing sessions. People go away with a clearer sense of who they are, a greater understanding of the root cause of an issue, and the motivation to take the proper course of action needed for their life to expand.

Corrie has the complex technicalities of astrology and shamanism at her command, but it is truly her well-honed use of intuition and her gifted extrasensory perceptions that create the empowering sessions her clients have come to expect. Her sessions, whether they are astrology readings or heart-based shamanic healings, are imbued with the depth and wisdom of her life as a healer.

Corrie offers her Astrology readings by phone and in-person in Sedona, Arizona. (Her energy healing sessions are only available in-person.)

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