Past Life Healing

Past Life Healing sessions are a time tested, unique and potent approach to healing.


There are many stories of people who have healed a persistent physical or mental issue through visiting a specific past life that contains the root cause of the current problem. Dr. Brian Weiss has written extensively about this remarkable path to healing. There are also many descriptions of past life regressions to heal a problem in this life from such famous psychic healers as Edward Cayce and Sylvia Brown.

Corrie has developed a potent technique of Past Life Healing that blends her shamanic training from Alberto Villoldo, her Past Life Healing teacher’s training from Dr. Brian Weiss, and her personal experience of receiving many past life regressions healings from The Light Institute in New Mexico.

During a Past Life Healing session, Corrie will help you find the past life that is the root cause of a current problem. That lifetime will be reviewed in detail. Special attention will be given to the connection between that lifetime and this current life. Corrie will also help you become more aware of the gifts from that lifetime that can be nurtured now. She will assist you in releasing any burdens, beliefs, or trauma from that lifetime that may be negatively affecting you in this life. Most importantly she will make sure that the energy body from that life returns to the Light, if it did not managed to do so after the death of its physical body.

People describe a sense of lightness and peace after a Past Life Healing session. Many problems decrease in intensity and even disappear after discovering and healing the original source in a past life.

Corrie is available for Past Life Healing sessions in Sedona, Arizona. These sessions are 90+ minutes long.