Astrology Readings

For new clients Corrie offers the Birth Chart reading along with the Current Times Consultation for $225.   75 minutes.

Returning clients enjoy a Current Times reading for $195.  60 minutes.

The Birthday reading for new clients includes a Birth ChartCurrent Times, and  Solar Return reading for $235.  75+ minutes.

Returning clients may choose the Birthday reading which includes a Current Times and  Solar Return reading for $210.   75 minutes.

The Location and Relationship readings require the most advanced preparation and range from $235 to $275.  If Corrie has already read your Birth Chart, she gives a 10% discount for these readings.  75- 90 minutes.

The Newborn Reading is $150.  50 minutes.

Choosing Important Dates

Setting a Wedding Date ranges from $250-$350.

Choosing a Birthing Date is $225.

Choosing a Surgery Date is $195.

Choosing a date for a Business Opening is $275.


All Shamanic Healing sessions are all $165.  75 minutes.

The Past Life Healing session is  $225.  90+minutes.

 A Day of Insight

The Day of Insight is $350.  Includes a Shamanic Healing session and an Astrology Reading.